Pocket Puppies
Miniature puppies aren’t just great fashion accessories, contrary to what Paris Hilton might have you think. They’re great dogs, as you’ll discover at this ode to all things yippy and yappy. Here, you can buy tiny toys, clothes and other small accessories, and adopt miniature puppies to which they cater. But you’d better be serious about your purchase—and not just because these dogs start at $1,150. The boutique is not only careful about where it gets its puppies from (no puppy mills, only family breeders) and how they’re treated in the shop (heated puppy cubicles are lined with fleece and there’s a full-time veterinarian on staff), but also where the pooches end up. The shop will not send puppies to families with children under 15, and every potential caretaker must fill out a qualifying questionnaire and go through a 45-minute orientation. A grooming area—also available for walk-in clients—features a basic service ($30–$75), which involves a milk-and-honey shampoo, Hawaiian massage, manicure, pedicure and lavender ear wash.
Must-have: Just look at that face. Do we really need to tell you?
2479 N Clark St at Fullerton Ave (773-857-1519).

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