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Pocket Puppies Grooming Packages


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Hi Lane

These are the before and after pictures of Goldie being groomed from her April appointment.
~Danielle Aneszko



 ~Milk & Honey Shampoo Grooming~

Includes a deep cleansing bath with  ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal expression, brush, teeth cleaning, blow-dry, fragrance, and designer bow or bandanna.


Small Breeds - $45.00*
Medium Breeds - $55.00*
Large Breeds - $75.00*





Give your poochie a little bling with these Dog safe crystal earrings that are adhered to you pups ears. Last 2-3 weeks before falling off!


$10.00 for a pair.

~Rockstar Mohawks~



$10.00 Without Hair Coloring

$15.00 With Hair Coloring


~Flea Funerals~

Knock fleas and ticks dead with our all-natural

 Flea and Tick Shampoo or dip.


Add to Your Pet's Bath or Groom - $5.00
Removal of Ticks - $10 & Up


~Marshmallow Fluffup~

For white dogs only. Includes all the benefits of the Milk & Honey Grooming with the use of a special whitening shampoo, followed by Spa Fresh Facial Scrub to help remove dirt and tear stains from around the eyes and mouth.

Add to Your Pet's Bath or Groom - $10.00


~Revitalizing Paw Treatment~
Nourishes dry, cracked paw pads to soothe and protect.

Add to Your Pets Bath or Groom -$5.00

*Other factors may affect the total grooming price
including, but not limited to, matted coats and aggressive
or difficult to handle pets.

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