Our Mission and Policies

To provide world class quality unique puppies that set the standard of excellence in Chicago. Purchasing a puppy is a lifetime commitment which can be joyful and admittedly stressful. At Pocket Puppies we'll guide you from A to Z in regards to training, feeding recommendations, supplement recommendations and overall care. Due to the delicate nature of our babies we recommend pad training your puppy. Weather in Chicago and the Midwest  are not  conducive to the the health and well being of these small puppies unless weather conditions are above 70 degrees.

Our Commitment to the health and well being of our Pocket Puppies:

It is not a coincidence that one puppy is cuter than the next, that's because we are very selective and we're selective of who adopts our babies. They're our puppies before they're yours. Our boutique provides a warm and comfortable environment for our babies and we have a "no metal cage policy." Our adoption guidelines are as follows:

1. We reserve the right not to sell a puppy to any prospective buyer and we will not sell certain puppies to families that have children under the age of 15. Any exception to this policy will be at the owner's discretion. Please understand that this policy was created with only the best interest of our puppies in mind. Many toy breed puppies are excellent companions for children. We at Pocket Puppies will recommend the best puppy for your family.

2. Each and every potential parent must receive a 45 minute orientation on the care of your new baby.

3, We stress to all potential parents the necessity of feeding our puppies holistic all natural foods, Nutri-Cal, vitamin supplements and  providing a heating pad for cold nights.

Breeder Policy

 We focus on a core  of family breeders who raise their dogs in a family environment.  We work with several breeders whose registries include ACA, AKC, APR, CKC and others.  Some puppies have "Champion Backgrounds".  We very selective and screen our breeders. We personally inspect all breeder premises and we discontinue using any breeder that fails to provide us puppies that don't conform to our strict health and small size standards.

Pocket Puppies Boutique is committed to offer our clients a variety of some of the most unique small dogs in the world. Let Pocket Puppies Boutique take you on the journey to find your dream companion and make it come true. 

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